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    Business Contract Litigation

    Business Agreements

    Buy-Sell Agreements

    LLC/Partnership Disputes

    Employment/Labor Disputes

    Debtor/Creditor Disputes

    Breach of Contract

    Fraud and Misrepresentation

    Breach of Fiduciary Duties

    Intellectual Property and Patent Infringement

    Real Estate Litigation

    Breach of Real Estate Contract

    Real Estate Fraud

    Real Estate Partnership Disputes

    Agent and Broker liability

    Property Rights

    CC&R Contract Disputes

    Insurance and Liability Issues

    Code and Regulation Violations

    Commercial & Residential Property

    Construction Disputes

    Contract and Warranty Claims

    Design and Construction Defects

    Notices and Failure to Pay

    Interference and delay claims

    Architectural and Design flaws

    Departures from Blueprints

    Construction Lien Disputes

    Business Entity Formation

    Advising on Business Entity Formation

    Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)

    Partnerships (General and Limited)

    Corporations & Incorporation

    Sub-Chapter Corporations & DBAs

    Business Purchase and Sale

    Business Partner Agreements

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